About Furygan

Furygan has been providing clothing and protections for over 50 years, with high standards of quality and comfort.

The french brand was founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura. Initially the focus of production was the development and manufacture of gloves for different sports such as ski, cycle and motorcycling, one of Jacques's passions.

It was with his hight demands, quality standards and innovative thinking mind that he quickly established his company as a leader in the motorcycle garment industry. He was also one of the suppliers of technical equipment for the French army at the time. Currently distributes to 43 countries.

motorcyclist wearing products Furygan
several motorcyclists wearing products Furygan


Furygan's product range includes track suits, jackets, trousers, gloves, protections, shoes, bags, and airbag systems.
Sistema de airbag
Sistema de airbag

Through the collection and processing of data with 1,000 analyzes per second and a capacity insufflation less than 0.06 seconds, this system is essential for the safety of the driver. Learn more at https://www.poiexissglobus.com/airbag

leather track suit Furygan Full Apex Perforated
textile trousers Furygan Steed
all-season sports leather glove Furygan Mercury Sympatex
motorcycle summer shoes Furygan Jet Air D30

High quality leather from Italy and South America and hand crafted is one of the brand's highlights.

Currently with their own materials research and development center, the Montion Lab, where they test the strength and safety of their products.

balaclava + plastron Furygan
shoulder and elbow armors protection Furygan + D30
essentials lateral bag Furygan Colt Evo
sports motorcycle jacket Furygan Oggy

Learn more about the brand at www.furygan.com.