About Stylmartin

It is one of the leading brands of footwear for motorcyclists

The brand owes its rebirth to Antis, a company founded in 1970 in the heart of the sports shoe district of Montebelluna. Antonio Binotto, the founder of the company, acquired the historic brand Stylmartin in 2007, updating it and bringing it back to life.

Stylmartin cafe race Cruise motorcycle boots
Stylmartin touring Miles motorcycle boots


Italian design, high quality raw materials, handcrafted products made entirely in Europe: these are the characteristics that distinguish each model from the Stylmartin collection.

Stylmartin cafe race rocket motorcycle boots
Stylmartin offroad Gear Mx motorcycle boots
Stylmartin touring continental motorcycle boots
Stylmartin Urban Iron  motorcycle shoes
Stylmartin  Off Road STEALTH EVO  motorcycle boots
Stylmartin Urban Yu'rok Brown  motorcycle boots
Stylmartin minimoto Speed S2 motorcycle boots
Stylmartin cafe race Cruise  motorcycle boots


Stylmartin sponsors several high competition riders in different modes of trial, off-road, enduro, race, minimoto and quad.

Pol Tarres, Marco Gaggi, Manuel Monni, Michele Bosi, Emma Bristow, Sandra Gomez, Edgaro Borella are some of the riders to trust in the brand.

Pol Tarres during off-road race wearing Stylmartin  Mo-Tech Special boots
Marco Gaggi during a race wearing Stylmartin off road boots

Learn more about the brand at wwww.stylmartin.it.